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Custom Engagement Rings

Welcome to Olga Jewellery South Africa, the destination for those seeking unparalleled elegance in custom engagement rings. In an exciting development, we are delighted to announce our collaboration with CG Diamonds, a leading jewellery designer in South Africa. This partnership brings together two of the most esteemed names in fine jewellery, offering our customers an exceptional experience like never before.

Since its establishment in 1976, Olga Jewellery Design Studio has cultivated a rich legacy of creating breathtaking, handmade jewellery pieces. Recognised worldwide, their designs are the epitome of grace, sophistication, and timeless beauty. With painstaking attention to detail, the artisans at Olga have curated an expansive collection of over 500 unique designs for engagement rings, each exquisitely handcrafted to perfection.

Choosing a custom engagement ring marks the beginning of a new chapter in your love story. Whether you're planning a surprise proposal or shopping for the ring together, this collection provides an ideal foundation. It caters to those on the precipice of proposing, seeking a ring that symbolises their profound love, as well as those desiring a distinctive piece of jewellery that embodies a significant representation of affection.

Creating Your Unique Custom Engagement Ring

To assist you on your journey of creating the perfect custom engagement ring, we introduce you to Colin Goodman, a respected expert in the diamond industry. His expertise can guide you in transforming these designs into exquisite custom diamond rings that encapsulate your unique love story.

Each custom engagement ring is designed to not only embody the essence of your bond but also to reflect the unique style and personality of the one who wears it. From the cut and carat to clarity and colour of the diamond, each aspect is meticulously considered to ensure the final piece is as unique as your love.

CG Diamonds and Olga Jewellery: A Perfect Blend To Create Your Special Custom Engagement Ring

By choosing a diamond from CG Diamonds South Africa, and entrusting it to the experienced hands at Olga Jewellery Design Studio, you have the unique opportunity to create a personalised engagement ring in Cape Town that is a testament to your love story. This partnership ensures that each glance at your custom engagement ring brings back cherished memories of the day you decided to embark on a lifelong journey together.

We understand the importance of this significant step in your life, which is why we dedicate ourselves to helping you find or create the perfect custom engagement ring. It's not just a piece of jewellery; it's a symbol of your commitment and love. That's why every custom engagement ring we help create is crafted with care and respect, mirroring the profound love it is meant to represent.

Creating a Legacy with Custom Engagement Rings

With a custom engagement ring from CG Diamonds South Africa, you're not just buying a ring; you're creating a legacy. Each custom engagement ring is a unique masterpiece that will be treasured for generations to come. The beauty and elegance of our rings transcend time, making them the perfect symbol of a love that is meant to last forever.

So, start your journey with us and create a custom engagement ring that tells your unique love story. With CG Diamonds South Africa and Olga Jewellery Design Studio, your dream engagement ring is within your reach.