Diamond Cuts



Olga’s Advice on Choosing that perfect setting:

If you are not sure of what you like, walk around the jewellery stores and get a feel of what is out there, paying specific attention to design and your preferred cut of diamond. It is important to find a jewellery designer you have a rapport with, who will guide you through this very exciting and important process, so that you enjoy the experience and end up with the ring of your dreams. Remember to come prepared with a budget in mind, so that your jeweller can guide you in the right direction. Try and buy a diamond that sets up white and does not have any visible inclusions to the naked eye. After looking at many stones, there will always be one that jumps out at you and makes you feel that this is ‘your’ diamond, as every diamond is natural and no two stones are ever the same.

It is also important to use a manufacturing jeweller, as when one does their own manufacturing, they are always more hands on with their master goldsmiths and setters, have far more technical knowledge and end up overseeing your production to ensure your ring is absolutely perfect in every single detail. Also, when one outsources the production to an independant workshop, the cost of production will always be more expensive.

The most important thing at the end of the day is having a product that you have always dreamed of, one that you will love and enjoy wearing on a daily basis for the rest of your life. Often, it is a difficult task to achieve as your man is the one doing the ‘shopping’ for you. As a designer, I feel it is most important to know who you are designing for and try have a feel and understanding of that persons personal signature and style. Listen carefully to what your client is telling you and interpret their wants and needs. Sometimes they will come in wanting one thing and as you inspire them with your creativity they reaslise that what they thought they wanted is not necessarily what they want now. And as you open their eyes through design, sparking new ideas and pushing creativity, they often end up walking out with something totally different, but more excited on leaving the store then upon entering. A good designer know, love is always in the details.

Asscher Cut

Cushion Cut

Emerald Cut

Heart Cut

Marquise Cut

Oval Cut

Pear Cut

Princess Cut

Radiant Cut

Round Cut

Trilliant Cut