Olga Goodman



How many people do you know have had breakfast with Celine Dion, with the diva clad only in a dressing gown? Olga Goodman has.

‘I was invited to present jewellery to her in her suite at the Table Bay Hotel,’ says Olga, who designs an enchanting mix of classic jewellery and fun, avant-garde pieces from her store at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. ‘She was delightful and completely comfortable.’

Bubbly, petite and attractive, Olga describes herself as a people person. She deliberately kept her business to one store, where she works six days a week, because she believes in the value of a one-on-one relationship with clients.

‘I believe you have 30 seconds when people walk in the door to establish a rapport with them,’ she says.

Olga’s history is quite unique. Her parents were Yugoslavian Jewish immigrants who met at a concentration camp. They escaped to Italy in a rowing boat where they befriended a South African soldier who lent them the money to come here, where Olga was bought up as latchkey kid of working parents. Olga comes from a humble background and relates to everyone from all walks of life.

Her path to creating jewellery for the likes of Hilary Clinton and Bono (she crafted his engagement ring) meandered from a start as a teacher, via a little accessories boutique in Cape Town and a stint in LA as an accessories buyer for Bergdorf Goodman.

Olga runs her business with her husband Colin – a surfer she met on Clifton Beach who is also one of SA’s largest wholesale jewellery and diamond manufacturers. ‘For me jewellery has become an absolute passion. I am very lucky that I truly love what I do.’ Together, Olga creates the designs and Colin is the diamond cutter and polisher. Having been in the industry for over 40 years, Olga and Colin are a dynamic team who will create a perfect piece for you taking budget, personality and style into account.

Olga finds pleasure in the challenge to design a jewellery piece that is unique to each of her clients. Her passion lies in designing and creating jewellery that matches any budget and style. She gets enjoyment from seeing her clients happy and has a remarkable ability to read people very well.